The Merchant credit in Coventry of late Middle Ages

The Merchant credit in Coventry of late Middle Ages

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The Merchant credit in Coventry of late Middle Ages

By Makarov Andrei Alexandrovitch

XIV International Economic History Congress (2006)

Introduction: It is well know, that one of the results of the development of goods production, and of the springing of the earliest forms of capitalism in medieval town was the appearing and development of different kinds of credit. It concerns the increase of needs of money as a means of payment and exchange of different levels of medieval society.

The credit-financial operations played an important role in the activity of medieval merchants, who different trades. At a definite level of its development, trade can’t do without the use of credit. It helped to overcome the lack of ready money (cash), made payment easy and gave great opportunities for the trade development.

Different aspects of credit history in the XIV-XV centuries, which are very important for the understanding of many problems of an English town’s economic life were little investigated by russian and foreign historians. Therefore the main goal of this article is to study the organization of credit in the later medieval trade. Different questions arise during the studies of the problem: the date of credit appearing, it spreading it with years, new forms of credit and old ones, the techniques of credit. The main sourses of our studies is bills of obligatory contenst in the Statute Merchant of Coventry and wills of Coventry Merchants.

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