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Medievalists on Facebook

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Facebook is the highly popular social networking site, which allows people to connect throughout the world. Besides finding friends and family online, Facebook allows like-minded people to form groups where they can carry on conversations, share pictures and provide information. Facebook also has many applications, including games and creative entertainment, for the enjoyment of its users.

Those interested in the Middle Ages will find much to do on Facebook, and we are presenting a list of places for medievalists to go on Facebook:


There are more than 500 medieval groups on Facebook. Here are just a few:

Being a medieval PhD student beats having money – a place for PhD students working in medieval studies – so, anything that falls between c.300 and c.1520, regardless of discipline – to make connections/moan about work/advertise CFPs/wish they were rich.

Medieval British History – less active than other sites, but boosts more than 600 members

Ah the medieval ages – with over 1600 members, one of the most popular medieval groups with discussions ongoing about a variety of topics

Medieval Manuscripts Appreciation Society – For all those who read, study, look after, drool over, etc, medieval manuscripts of all kinds. And for those who believe that preservation of and access to manuscripts must go together. Those interested might also want to join The Paleography Society

Medieval/Renaissance Faire Stuff – for people who like Ren Faires and Medeival stuff

Save Medieval Literature at UTAS – a group set up to fight against the proposed elimination of medieval literature classes from the University of Tasmania


Crusades – In this alternate history, four factions battle it out in a holy-wars race to supremacy. From the profit-driven Sarceans, to the war-mongering Infidels, there are multiple paths to glory as you grow your small settlement into a thriving empire.

Knighthood – Knighthood is a medieval war game. Fight your way from knight to King by raiding other lords and stealing their vassals. Build your kingdom up by putting your stolen vassals to work for you.

Medieval Empire – Take over Europe in the ultimate medieval conquest!

And Finally…

Become a Fan of Our Site – our own little, but growing, page on facebook. Here we give updates about what’s on our site, and answers any questions you may have.

We just started this section, and we will love to update it as much as possible. Please contact us by email or Facebook to suggest anything new.

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